Show Notes for Episode 12: Collective Pandemic Trauma: Meeting this Moment

Allison Sweatman & Andrea Coston

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Here’s the show notes for episode 012 of the Trauma-Informed Everything podcast:

We are all experiencing collective trauma in this pandemic.

Collective trauma is a cataclysmic event that shatters the basic fabric of society.

Hirschberger’s delineation of collective trauma for a population:

  • The population will experience trauma…
  • From the trauma will emerge a memory of the trauma…
  • From the memory will be a negotiated collective meaning…
  • From the meaning the population can find hope for the future.


  • Get into your parasympathetic nervous system (tips in previous episode)
  • Coregulate (tips in previous episode)
  • Decide if you need to coregulate or be alone
  • Do something regularly that reminds you that you have a body
  • Notice body sensations

Hirschberger, G. (2018). Collective trauma and the social construction of meaning (Links to an external site.)Frontiers in Psychology, 10 August.



Allison is an IEP Coach, disability advocate, writer and mother of two incredible kids. She writes about special needs, blended diets, and all things mental health.