Show Notes for Episode 12: Collective Pandemic Trauma: Meeting this Moment

Allison Sweatman & Andrea Coston

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Here’s the show notes for episode 012 of the Trauma-Informed Everything podcast:

We are all experiencing collective trauma in this pandemic.

Collective trauma is a cataclysmic event that shatters the basic fabric of society.

Hirschberger’s delineation of collective trauma for a population:

  • The population will experience trauma…
  • From the trauma will emerge a memory of the trauma…
  • From the memory will be a negotiated collective meaning…
  • From the meaning the population can find hope for the future.


  • Get into your parasympathetic nervous system (tips in previous episode)
  • Coregulate (tips in previous episode)
  • Decide if you need to coregulate or be alone
  • Do something regularly that reminds you that you have a body
  • Notice body sensations

Hirschberger, G. (2018). Collective trauma and the social construction of meaning (Links to an external site.)Frontiers in Psychology, 10 August.