Show Notes for Episode 10: Complex Trauma, Part 2

Allison Sweatman & Andrea Coston

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Here’s the show notes for episode 010 of the Trauma-Informed Everything podcast:

Full Show Notes:

  • Complex Trauma- developmental impact
    • o   Seven core domains from paper in 2005
      •  Attachment
        • Disrupted early attachment resulting in ongoing relational difficulty throughout life
        • Having ongoing trouble trusting, understanding, and connecting to others
      •  Regulation
        • Difficulty with being able to know what one is feeling, regulate one’s feelings, and regulate their feelings and energy, express themselves in an appropriate way
      • Behavior
        • May be more impulsive, self-destructive, aggressive, oppositional
      • Biology
        • More medical problems, somatic concerns, and low pain perception
      • Dissociation
        • Impaired memory and alterations of consciousness overall
      •  Cognition
        • Trouble paying attention, processing info, thinking about the future, problem solving (executive functioning)
      • Self-concept

 Low self-esteem, feelings of shame and guilt, poor body image, and lack of cohesive sense of self