Show Notes for Episode 9: Complex Trauma, Part 1

Allison Sweatman & Andrea Coston

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Here’s the show notes for episode 009 of the Trauma-Informed Everything podcast:

Full Show Notes:

Disclaimer and trigger warning

We often think of trauma as a big event, like a sledgehammer bringing everything crashing down. Whereas complex trauma is more like a hammer tapping and making small dents over time that add up to a lot of damage.

Often with complex trauma something is missing that was needed, rather than something happened that shouldn’t have.

In addition to the traditional 3 symptom clusters of PTSD (Re-experiencing, Avoiding/Numbing, & Hyperarousal), survivors experience the following 5 clusters:

o   1. Emotional Regulation difficulties (e.g. impulsivity, self-destructive behaviors, emotional constriction)

o   2. Disturbances in relational capacities (includes alterations in view of self and others)

o   3. Alterations in Attention or Consciousness (includes dissociation)

o   4. Somatic distress (e.g. chronic pain or other physiological symptoms)

o   5. Adversely affected belief systems (often also referred to as “altered systems of meaning”)