007: Trauma-Informed Schooling During COVID-19 w/Colleen Wilkinson

Allison Sweatman & Andrea Coston

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The school year is COMING and for many it is already here. With the COVID-19 pandemic, trauma-informed classrooms are needed now more than ever. Join us for an episode that will speak to parents and educators alike as we all enter this fall semester.

Colleen Wilkinson is a Montessori teacher (Early Childhood), teacher educator, consultant, and Director at Montessori Country Day School in Houston, Texas. In her local school district, she serves on the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee and District Education Improvement Committee. In addition to her partnership with trauma-informed care and social justice organizations, she provides professional development and support groups for parents and educators. She is passionate about trauma-informed care, ABAR work, adoption and foster care, and disability rights.

See Colleen’s Instagram account here: https://www.instagram.com/trauma_informed_montessori/

Access the full show notes here: https://allisonsweatman.com/show-notes-007/

Access the full transcript here: