Cut through
the IEP noise.

The IEP Basics Workshop offers you a foundational understanding of the process, document, and system behind it all.

Workshop Components

IDEA Policy Lesson

I will show you the most important and frequently quoted parts of IDEA law so you can understand what it means for your child. While I’m not an attorney, my graduate work is focused on special education policy and I have much to teach in this area.

Claiming Your Place

I will show you the part of the document that exists for YOU (parent input statement) and show you how to use it best. After this lesson, you’ll have the tools you need to draft a strong statement that can drive IEP development.

Mindset Matters

Your mental health is as important as anything else in this process. This lesson will help you prepare yourself for the toll that the IEP process can sometimes take on parents.

BONUS for January enrollment:

LIVE Q&A Session

Once you’ve taken in the workshop, we’ll rendezvous for a live session for Allison to answer any and all questions to you have.

Stop Googling & Start Developing

There is no reason you have to lose sleep over your child’s IEP. Save yourself time, energy, and emotional labor by learning from a coach who knows the basics and teaches them well.

This Workshop is for you if:

  1. You want to understand the basics of the IEP process before it even begins (preschool age)
  2. You know your child’s IEP needs work, but you don’t know where to start
  3. You struggle to understand your place at the table and how to claim it and use it
  4. You want to understand the key components of the IDEA for parents in the process
  5. You want to gain peace about your child’s education
  6. You are having trouble knowing what to say and how to say it to get to a “yes” at the table
  7. You’ve considered working with an IEP coach or advocate but want some training of your own first
  8. You want to be generally more informed as an IEP parent

Next Session...

The next workshop release is on February 1 at 10 am.

The LIVE Q&A will happen within one week of the release.


No, they are not, but they are constantly being updated for content. For instance, a change in federal IDEA policy would result in immediate change in the content of that lesson. The Q&A sessions are live, as stated in the descriptions.

I intentionally keep these small so that everyone can have their questions answered.

I am a graduate student of social work (MSW) focusing on parental mental health and special education policy. I have found the IEP process to be daunting on many levels in the parents experience and I am working to alleviate that. I have also been a Master IEP Coach with Catherine Whitcher for over a year and have worked with many parents to improve their IEP experiences. Furthermore, I am currently working with parents of preschoolers as they transition their child from a developmental preschool to the public school system.

The January promotion brings the workshop price to $57.

No. The workshop is meant to give anyone an overview of the IEP process and the parent’s role as outlined in IDEA policy. The strategies can be applied to any parent at any stage in their child’s education.

I am currently not accepting one-on-one clients, but workshop attendees will receive a discounted rate (20% off) all one-on-one document reviews and consultations. Workshop attendees will also receive first notice when my one-on-one spots open up.

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IEP Workshop

$ 57
  • The IEP Basics Workshop offers you a foundational understanding of the process, document, and system behind it all.