IEP Coaching

Hear me out...

I get it. This IEP thing is hard.

First thing’s first- take a deep breath (no, really- I’ll wait).

Now read on, because I think I know what you’re feeling. Let me know if I get it right.

  • You’re frustrated with communication breakdown at the IEP table.
  • You need someone at the meeting who really SEES you and hears your concerns.
  • You want support sifting through jargon to get to goals and plans that MATTER.
  • You need a second set of eyes on the IEP to help you understand a way forward.
  • You feel like the IEP is missing something, but you just don’t know what.
  • You want the IEP process to suck just a little less. (Just being real here.)

Now take another deep breath and repeat after me:

I am not alone.

It’s true! I’ve worked with parents who have these concerns and more. We put our heads together and made better happen for their family.

Every step of the way, I was there to remind Mama to breathe, eat an actual meal, and get some sleep. (This is more important than you think.)

Are you ready to find IEP peace? Let’s get started!

Tell me what you need from me!

Dear Allison, I need you to...

look at my kid’s IEP, hear my concerns, and help me make a plan.


come speak to my group about IEPs.

let's talk

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me by email!

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